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Namespace Splitter for GRDDL

An XSLT transform for splitting RDF URIs into valid namespaces and element names, with full support for IRIs. This should be useful for GRDDL transforms where arbitary predicates need to be converted to RDF/XML property elements. [more]

5th March 6:48 PM (+0000)

New RDF syntax: abbreviations

RDF/XML uses Namespaces to abbreviate URIs. We need an alternative. [more]

29th November 7:55 PM (+0000)

New RDF syntax: newsyntax2rdf XSLT, and updated schema

I’ve been doing some more work on my proposed alternative RDF syntax. I’ve made quite a few changes to the schema, and finally implmented an XSLT that converts from the new format to RDF/XML. [more]

10th December 11:01 PM (+0000)

CVS 0 : Vista 1

Vista’s “Previous versions” rocks! [more]

24th February 9:32 AM (+0000)

First Post!


30th July 6:26 PM (+0100)

New RDF syntax: xml:lang and xml:base

Unresolved issue: What to do about xml:base and xml:lang [more]

29th November 10:14 PM (+0000)

A new RDF syntax

I’ve started working on a new XML-based syntax for RDF, and I’ll be making a few posts here to chart its progress. [more]

29th November 7:55 PM (+0000)

New RDF syntax: The Schema

More details about my proposed RDF syntax [more]

5th March 7:07 PM (+0000)


My RDF syntax has a name! [more]

9th March 3:29 PM (+0000)


Status page for my JSP taglib for executing SPARQL queries. [more]

6th August 10:13 PM (+0100)

Atom/RDF: Pluggable extension support

Atom/RDF now supports pluggable extensions, which allow the mappings for specific extensions to be changed without requiring the style-sheet to be hacked. [more]

2nd August 12:54 AM (+0100)

Atom/RDF: Generic extensions support

How extension elements are represented in Atom/RDF. [more]

31st July 10:57 PM (+0100)

Task-oriented Programming

The software that I wrote to publish this blog is kind of interesting. It rips off Blosxom, Ant and JavaSpaces. [more]

9th March 6:31 PM (+0000)

Offline Search

About the amusing implementation of search on this site. [more]

2nd August 11:29 PM (+0100)

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